Galil  Realty has been investing in the New York residential real estate market for over four decades. In that time, Galil’s ability to identify opportunities in virtually all market conditions has enabled it to prosper — throughout the booms and the busts. As an investor, Galil has shown extraordinary savvy in identifying undervalued or underperforming residential buildings. As an owner and manager, Galil has transformed its holdings into thriving properties that are desirable to tenants and welcome in the community. Today, Galil counts close to 10,000 apartments in its portfolio, maintaining excellent living environments for tenants while maximizing the overall investment value of the property. A family-owned company headquartered in New York City, Galil understands that the key to strong financial performance is conscientious real estate management. Galil knows that managing multi-family properties takes more than collecting rents and showing vacancies: it requires a broad overview of local markets; proactive marketing and leasing campaigns; strict attendance to maintenance, repairs and renovations; and thoughtful capital improvements — all within the parameters and long term goals of its investors. As a result, Galil has built a sterling reputation as a multi-family real estate investment and management company.    

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